Supporting LGBTIQ young people

The path to housing security can be especially difficult for LGBTIQ young people, who are often confronted by a range of complex barriers and challenges. These can include family rejection, or discrimination when seeking private rental or housing support.

To better understand LGBTIQ young people’s needs and provide the best possible support, St John’s Youth Services has recently established the LGBTIQ Working Group. Comprised of young people and employees from across and beyond St John’s Youth Services, the Working Group is led by SJYS Director and Narrative Therapy practitioner and educator, David Denborough.

Watch the video below to learn more about the crisis accommodation response provided by St John’s Youth Services at youth110. To learn more about the housing challenges faced by LGBTIQ young people, you can read the Stage I Report of the GALFA LGBTI Homelessness Research Project being undertaken by Melbourne and Swinburne Universities here.

If you’d like to be involved in the St John’s Youth Services LGBTIQ Working Group, we’d love the hear from you! Contact us for info.