COVID-19 Response

To ensure the health and wellbeing of young people, employees and wider community, St John’s Youth Services has implemented a comprehensive Covid-19 Response Plan. This Plan is frequently updated, in accordance with Government health advice.

The range of measures being followed include frequent and thorough cleaning regimens, and adherence to social distancing recommendations. Young people or workers who display any symptoms of illness are self-isolating, and employees whose roles enable them to work from home are now doing so.

St John’s Youth Services does not have congregate shelters. Young people at both of our accommodation services, youth110 in the CBD and Foyer Port Adelaide, live in self-contained independent apartments. This means that young people can easily self-isolate, and support staff are on hand to ensure they have everything they need to get through this challenging period. While this includes necessities such as food, cleaning products and hygiene products, our employees are working hard to ensure young people also have the resources they need to continue their studies, or to keep themselves busy with productive or entertaining activities.

Our outreach team are remaining connected to young people living independently through a range of means, including phone calls, texts, and online chats. Just as importantly, our employees are remaining connected to each other to share updates, ideas, and encouragement.

As the pandemic continues, our focus will remain on providing the best possible support to the young people in our care, and to doing our bit to halt the spread of Covid-19 in our community.