KMP for Property Managers

How Keeping my Place can help you

Keeping my Place supports young renters to be great tenants who pay their rent on time and take outstanding care of their home.

We know being a Property Manager isn’t easy, and that protecting the landlord’s investment is your highest priority. If you have young renters who are falling short of your high standards, Keeping my Place will work with them one-on-one to develop the skills they need and get their tenancy back on track.

How Keeping my Place supports young tenants

Some young renters struggle to stay on top of their tenancy responsibilities, and lack the knowledge or experience to resolve issues on their own. With the help of a Keeping my Place Tenancy Adviser, these young renters will receive the support, skills and resources they need to be reliable tenants who landlords want renting their properties. Support is tailored to each young person’s individual needs and challenges, and can include a range of activities such as managing rental arrears, communicating more effectively with their Property Manager, and learning how to take good care of their property.

If your young tenant is dealing with challenging life issues that make it difficult for them to manage their tenancy, Keeping my Place can help with those too. KMP Tenancy Advisers are all qualified and experienced social workers, and between them have decades of experience assisting young people move out of housing crisis and into a stable home.

That’s great for young people who are able to stay in a stable home, and for property owners who can be confident their investment is protected.

Choose Keeping my Place because:

  • There is no cost to you. Keeping my Place is a completely free service for both Property Managers and young renters.
  • Keeping my Place is tailored to your needs. Support is individualised to each tenancy, and can short or long term depending on need.
  • You’ll be working with a team you can trust. Keeping my Place is backed by St John’s Youth Services, and more than 40 years’ experience supporting young South Australians who are experiencing housing stress.
  • Keeping my Place can help a little, or a lot. Whether you’re looking for advice, long-term intensive support – or something in between, the Keeping my Place team of tenancy advisers can provide the help you need to get challenging tenancies back on track.

To find out more about how Keeping my Place can help you, email or call 08 8359 2989.

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