Positions Vacant

St John’s Services does not currently have any vacancies.

Applying for a position

When positions become available, they are posted on our website and may also be advertised on They are generally advertised for a period of two weeks. Within this time and by the advertised closing date, applicants should provide a written response to the Job Description, addressing the Job Requirements and the applicant’s ability to undertake the duties described.

Please post applications to:
St John’s Youth Services
GPO Box 2063

Or email to: with the subject JOB APPLICATION

Appointments to St John’s Youth Services are made on the basis of merit. This means that in every case, the applicant judged to be the most capable of carrying out the relevant duties will be appointed.

The Selection Process

The advertisement and the job specification provide the basis of the whole selection process as they specify the qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience required for the position. During the selection process none of the essential criteria can be overlooked and no new criteria can be added.

The selection panel will consist of up to four representatives of the Management Team:

  • Panels for senior positions may include a member of the Board of Management
  • Panels for positions where there are service partners may also include a representative of the partner organisation.

The Panel is responsible for choosing the applicant who best satisfies the specifications outlined for the position. If no applicant meets the minimum criteria specified, the position will be re-advertised.

There are two stages involved in assessing applicants for the position:

The selection of candidates for interview based on written responses to the Job Description

  1. Interviewing of selected applicants
  2. The assessment of applications

Evaluation of the written application is the basis for the Panel’s initial decision making process, it is very important you prepare it carefully. If you have any queries it is advisable to contact St John’s Youth Services for further information before completing and sending in your application.

Applications are assessed against the stated criteria in the Job Description. Those applicants who fail to demonstrate they meet all the necessary criteria will not be considered further. If a large number of applicants meet all the essential criteria, the committee will select candidates for interview by assessing their relative strengths against the stated desirable criteria.

Applications should be emailed or forwarded to the nominated postal address by the advertised closing date. The Panel will not accept late applications.

The interview

Applicants should prepare themselves for the interview by familiarising themselves with the work of St John’s Youth Services. Visit and browse through our website.  Interview questions will mostly relate to the relevant job specification, and it is possible that you will be asked to respond to a couple of relevant scenarios. These will provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate how you would handle a given situation. It is advisable to be prepared to give reasons for being interested in the position.

Applicants will be given the opportunity to ask questions about the position. Such questions offer applicants the opportunity to demonstrate interest in and understanding of the position and its duties. It is the applicant’s responsibility to convince the Panel that he/she is the best person for the job.


Competition for positions is often very high, and not all people who apply will be successful. St John’s Youth Services recognises that it is often disappointing not to succeed, and offers feedback to all shortlisted applicants who wish to learn more about how to improve their application to be more competitive in the future. The person to contact for feedback will be provided in the email/letter of notification.


Referees will usually only be contacted if the applicant is being considered for a position. This occurs after an applicant has been interviewed, as the final step before offering a position. It is advisable that you notify your referees when you have gained an interview, and provide them with information about the position you are applying for. This will help them to provide a reference that is relevant to the position.

Police Clearance

All applicants selected for employment must provide a Police Clearance no more than three months old.

St John’s Youth Services thanks you for your interest in working with and for young people.