Keeping my Place

We believe that given opportunities, young people will succeed.

Keeping my Place provides early intervention and support to young people who are living in private rental, but at risk of losing their home as a result of personal or financial crisis.

The Keeping my Place team respond to the immediate needs expressed by young people at risk of eviction and homelessness. This encourages young people’s participation to cut through to the core issues preventing them from succeeding, enabling a response that is individualised and tailored to their needs.

If you are working with a young person you would like to refer to Keeping my Place, please complete the Keeping my Place Referral Form.

Download the Keeping my Place flyer for referring agencies.

Download the Keeping my Place flyer for young people.

Contact Keeping my Place at

The Keeping my Place pilot is generously funded by the Society of the Sacred Mission, the Coopers Foundation, individual donors, community groups and philanthropic grants.