From Foyer to the future

The young people we work with continue to inspire us with their creativity, resilience and drive. It was great to receive this letter from a young person who’s moving on from Foyer Port Adelaide to a place of their own, after a massively successful year. With housing stability and a little support from caring adults in their corner, young people can achieve amazing things!

“Living at Foyer Port Adelaide has been an amazing experience for me, and I’ve developed so much as a person in my personal life, my study and in professionally. The support of the SJYS team has allowed me to thrive through developing skills such as cleaning, cooking and nutrition, time management, financial planning, learning mental and physical health strategies, communication skills, public speaking, and learning about government agencies.

“The opportunities I was able to undertake at Foyer have been amazing. I attended Youth Parliament which enabled me to develop my communication skills in both a professional and social perspective and to raise issues that affect young people around SA.

I also attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards where I learned from multiple experts about a range of topics such as:

👉 Strengths and resilience

👉 Personal brand & making a good first impression

👉 Advocacy

👉 Wellness

👉 Leadership styles

👉 Public Speaking

👉 And leading with our passion

While undertaking these opportunities, I also worked on my SACE specializing in uni subjects I wanted to study. The SJYS team supported me with writing assignments and helping me to develop time management skills.

Over this past year I’ve also worked part time, which the SJYS team helped me to maintain even through hard times. Looking to the future, I’ll take all the strategies and skills I’ve developed while at Foyer to continue making a positive impact, including in my new job with the Australian Government. I thank everyone at SJYS for giving me a safe, supportive environment to develop in so many different areas of my life.”

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