Investing in young people

SA Youth Week is all about celebrating and supporting young people, so it was the perfect time for our CEO, Nicole, to be in Canberra advocating for more Foyers for young people, both here in SA and across the country.

Youth Foyers are an effective, evidence-based solution to youth homelessness, that enable young people to overcome intergenerational cycles of disadvantage and unlock their full potential. More than 80 per cent of Youth Foyer residents exit into safe and stable housing, 65 per cent gain secure and decent employment and 60 per cent are less likely to be involved in the justice system.

We know they work, because since 2011 we’ve been operating Foyer Port Adelaide, so have seen first-hand the enormous impact the Foyer model of support has on young lives.

Nicole and her colleagues from #FoyerInvest are asking the federal government to invest in 10 new 40-unit Youth Foyers to help tackle the homelessness crisis facing young people in our communities. That would help around 3,000 young people create futures in which they can thrive – sounds like a great investment to us!

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